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9 Reasons to Call Us

9 Reasons to Call Us

A business cash advance can provide the working capital needed for a number of things that a business does. If there is a large demand placed on your business to produce in a short

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we offer fast funding programs, which gives you the business owner, a quick and easy way to improve the future of your business

How It works

How It Works

n electronic cash advance empowers your conversion of future credit card receivables, whether credit or debit cards, ACH, or imaged checks.

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Use the business cash advance for any business purpose, including:

Emergency Funding/Positive Cash Flow, Payroll, Daily operating expenses, Vendors

Purchase/Repair Equipment/Increase productivity, Good Investment

Improvements and Renovation/New Signs  New equipment, New bedding, Paint Supplies

Expansion and Growth, Larger facility Expand hours of operation, Additional locations, Increase Advertising

 How to ensure you’ll be
  Approved For funding:
  1. Must Accept Visa/Master Card

  1. Must Process at least $5,000 per month

  1. Must have been in business for 6 months
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If you are looking for nightclub financing to expand, purchase, build or refinance a property, you’ve come to the right place. The night club/lounge market is growing and seems to have a lifetime of growth due to young adults’ ever increasing demand to enjoy themselves by socializing and dancing.

We provide nightclub and Bar financing to match this market growth. Even if you have a great location, good financial's and a solid business plan, you will encounter financing obstacles in these credit-tight times. We can finance night clubs, lounges, bars, and other adult themed hospitality properties with Cash Advances up to $4 million. The ability of a nightclub property to remain profitable is largely dependent on its ability to stay fresh. This means that as an owner, you will always need financing to perform upgrades and expand. We create a custom financing solution for your bar, lounge or nightclub.

If you are looking for nightclub financing call us at 1-818-934-1507 to discuss your project with a commercial loan specialist. You can also submit general information about the project by submitting an online application.

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